What is Dupals?

Dupals is a joyful 3D art collection with an upcoming initial drop of unique NFTs on the Ethereum network. We are here to help you take a leap into the world of Web 3.

Our Objective

Dupals embrace the traits & values of the modern day culture of the Middle East. We aspire to grow an all inclusive & welcoming community that thrives on excitement, knowledge & utility.


Building a welcoming community is a very important part of our project.

We want to create an environment where anyone can feel comfortable, enjoy and benefit from in their own way.

If you want to make new friends, learn more about web3 or just spend some time, Dupals will always be the right place for you.


Gaming tournaments to karoake nights, & all the way to physical meet ups. You name it, & we will make it happen.

We want to connect people of similar interests through fun activities, digitally & in real life.


Partnerships are a crucial part of our utility.

Each of our partners will offer Dupals holders exclusive offers based on their products or services.

We strive to establish as many partnerships as possible, to bring the most value back to you.


Your character, your world. The metaverse is the future.

We have ambitious plans to scale the Dupals ecosystem as we explore different ways to allow the Dupals to connect, socialize and have fun together.


As we want to onboard everyone, we expect that a lot of people are still not very familiar with the concepts of NFTs, Cryptocurrency & Web 3 in general.

Starting very soon, we will be creating & providing many resources in the form of blogs & guides, available for everyone to learn these new concepts and become a part of the Web 3 change.

The Partners

Coming Soon

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Coming Soon

For partnerships, please reach out at partners@dupals.io.

You have questions, and we are here to answer for you.